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Why food storage?

Have you watched the news?

With disasters appearing at almost every corner it is vital to be prepared. Stocking up on the necessities that will keep you and your family alive in an emergency is pretty smart... and since you are a smart person, it's time to get that supply built up.

Food storage is necessary in an emergency

Electrical lines down, being snowed in, earthquakes, floods, and more happen among the best of us. Having extra food when you are unable to get out or food supplies are low will really help. "When the need arises, the time of preparation has passed."

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Water heater going out, low on grocery money, being laid off from work or other economic ups and downs can happen to any of us. Having a cushion a food will be welcomed... and not a cushion you sit on although you could do that too.

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When you just don't feel like going to the store to pick up more Ranch dressing, you know you've got it right there in your food storage.

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