New version of stockupfood is live!

Screen shot showing the new amounts on the dashboard

We launched the new version of stockupfood. What does this mean for you?

Three years ago, was born from a simple need. I wanted to know how much food storage my family would need in an emergency but I had no idea where to start. The resources out there were insufficient so I decided to create a website where it would calculate what I needed based on a goal that I could change as I started to work my way up to a year supply.

After launching the website to the public I discovered that other people are in the same position I was in. After getting valuable feedback from users for the past few years, I decided to launch a new version to offer even more functionality. A little over a year ago I started coming up with ideas on what the new website should be and function like. It all started with my Moleskine sketchbook.

journal used to sketch stockupfood

I wanted to make it a fun, clean, and easy to use. I started sketching ideas and concepts to make the experience enjoyable.

Sketch of the preparedness dashboard

Sketch of the home page

Every once in a while when I was working on the website, my son would come in and visit. He would ask if he could draw in my “special journal” while he sat next to me. Before I knew it, many pages were filled with creative drawing and each one makes me smile.

My son's drawings in my sketchbook

After many hours of design and development, stockupfood is here! A new complete redesign with the most requested features from over the past three years! I received a handful of donations over the past three years but it wasn’t near what it takes to host the website. I have decided to still offer the same functionality for free as the old version, but offer the full customization for $3/month but free once you reach and maintain a year supply.

People thought I was crazy for offering it that low of a price and giving it away for free after they reach a year supply but my goal is to help people get prepared and still cover the expenses of the website.

This has been a really fun journey and I hope you find the new version as fun to use as it was to build it. What are your thoughts about stockupfood? How do you like the new look and feel?


  1. jfred

    Hi–love this calculator of what to stock. It gives me great info on where I need to be! I’m a little stumped–there’s nowhere to put canned fruits/veggies….or bottles of juice….or soups. Also, for a 3 month supply, there’s no need for yeast? with all that wheat? I guess every person’s needs for stockpiling foods are different.

    • Jackie

      @jfred – Thank you! We’re so glad you like it! Be sure to upgrade to the recommended version for only $3 a month and becomes free after you reach and maintain a years supply! There you can customize all your own foods. You can add and remove categories and food types. That way you can add all the canned veggies, fruits, mac-n-cheese 🙂 and whatever else your family likes to eat! Thank you for the tip about the yeast! We need to figure that in. You’re right, how’s a person to make bread without yeast?

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