1.0 officially launched!

My wife and I thought it was about time to build up our food storage supply but we just didn’t know where to start. I looked around online for food storage calculators, but none of them really fit our needs. That is when I had the idea to build a free food storage calculator that not only calculates your food, but also keeps track of it!

After some long hours, I have finally finished the first launch of This has been an exciting and exhilirating experience! Just after two days of the site being up I have seen hits from as far as Austrailia, Norway and Germany. Once I launched the site I got a wonderful response from those who have started using it. I am going to make a new post of requested features and suggestions people have emailed or posted to me.

Thank you for supporting this project. Post your ideas and suggestions! I would love to extend this site so it can be as useful to as many people as possible!

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