The Best Way to Stock Up And Rotate Supplies

What would your world look like without any toilet paper? Ok then, read on.

Look, I like to smell good. If your husband doesn’t, maybe he should read this. Deodorant for me can make the difference between a good day, and a day wished to be forgotten. With it I feel like I can point to the sky without shame, without it, I feel like I should spray someone if I waved my arm to quickly.

Before having the preparedness mentality, I, like 99.99% of the population, would wait until I could hardly scrape anymore deodorant off the stick to buy another one at the store. The worst is when you say, “Well, I will go get some deodorant later today…” then, you wake up the next day in dread, realizing there isn’t anymore left. Dried soap doesn’t substitute deodorant (believe me, I’ve tried).

Does this sound familiar? It could be deodorant, toothpaste, toilet paper (I sure hope not!), hair gel, or any item we use on a daily basis that runs out. In our instantaneous culture, we just expect to be able to hop in the car and drive to go get some. What if the store is closed or is out of supply? Not only that, what if you just don’t have time? Stocking up on supplies isn’t just for the worst of the worst, it is also for convenience.

I always say it is best to have a year supply of food storage AND supplies that you consume. So how do we do it? I will show you.

In the deodorant example, I use a stick of deodorant about once every two months. On the calculator (on the “Recommended” version) you can create a new supply item for Hygene and add your deodorant there! Watch a how to do it in the video below:

Now go buy your 6 (or however many you use in a year) sticks of deodorant and add them to your supplies. Here is the real trick… this is where you need to change your mentality of only buying something once it is out. Now that you need 6 sticks, once you get down to 5, you “need” to go buy an additional stick to get back to 6. Change your mentality from when something runs out to when something falls below your year supply threshold.

If you follow these steps you will not only smell good, but you can rest at ease that you have properly prepared against any natural, economic, or other disaster out of your control. You and your family are safe.

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