New feature: Print your food storage!

We added a highly requested feature, printing! Now you can print your food storage or emergency supplies to take it shopping or file away for your records.

Print food storage feature highlighted

When you print from most websites, it prints the entire page along with unnecessary graphics that distract from what you really need. On stockupfood, when you click print food storage, it generates a customized page with only the essentials: your inventory, progress, and goal. It also shows you the date so you know how up to date you are.

Print Food Storage Supply Screen Shot

With your newly printed page you can take it grocery shopping to get your food storage supply built up or file it away for your records.

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  1. Patty

    The cost for the upgrade is $3/month till you are at 100% of a year supply and you maintain it. How long do we need to maintain it before the $3 is no longer charged?

    Also, is there a way to follow your blog besides on facebook?

  2. Patty

    One last thing. How do I change my email address on my account. I am closing out that email account and don’t want to lose everything I have in so far.

  3. PrepperPaD

    Love this new feature! It would be nice if we were able to edit/adjust the “amount needed” and/or quantity type as well. As is, I need to delete the item and resubmit it to make the necessary adjustments. Otherwise, LOVE this!

  4. craig joyner

    Is there anyway that preppers can be assured that in case of an event, their homes and food storage won’t be targeted by the govt. to be shared? Being this is an internet program, couldn’t we be tracked and located? Can this program be purchased and simpy put on an individual computer, without it being tied to the internet.

    • Jason

      Craig, thank you for your question! Rest assured, you are safe. Stockupfood uses https encryption while you use the website which is the same level of security as a bank. If the world started looking like the govt was going to ration food, you could also easily remove your account without a trace.

      Hopefully that helps!

  5. Melissa

    I love this site, I have to admit it got me excited as to what I should stock. I quit adding for a long time. I bought so much and had it in so many places it took awhile to sort out and count. I’m back at it now and I’m so happy to finally have my numbers up. I have to admit I purchased many items at places where I can buy cases a t a time and also stores I call “crash and dent” If you shop these stores please be careful with creased cans, they are dangerous and should not be used. Thank you for a wonderful list. I have to admit while trying to figure why I should buy some of these items we learned that some of us actually like them. Again Awesome job!!!

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