How to Use a Wheat Grinder (video)

Jackie teaches us how to use a wheat grinder with some funny surprises!

One thing to remember when you are grinding your wheat is that there is oil in the wheat germ of the kernel, so be sure to refrigerate the extra flour you don’t use otherwise it will go rancid if left at room temperature.

This is our first of many videos to come on food storage topics. What topics would you like to learn more about? Post them in the comments!


  1. Kiirsten Jeppson

    Verrrry informative and entertaining! I enjoyed it so much I watched it twice! This is seriously the best food storage info I’ve ever received. Ha!

  2. Tamera Maravilla

    so funny! Jackie you are so beautiful! what a natural actress! great job Mike! everybody runs in our house also- mikey goes straight to his kennel (his safety spot) Tom puts in his ear plugs! Love whole wheat bread! we haven’t tried the white wheat yet though.

  3. Kami

    Jackie! I love it!! Your video shows how easy it is to make flour from all that food storage I don’t know what to do with. Thanks for sharing, I’m looking forward to the hand-grinder video 🙂

  4. Lori Barron

    Loved it!!! Thanks for the demo, Jackie..great video. Ok Jason, I’m ready for my upgrade!

  5. Jackie

    Thank you ladies! This video was so fun to make and we are excited to make MANY more fun and educational videos on how to use your food storage!
    @ Kami, Making your own flour is the best! It’s so great to start using your food storage now so that you can rotate it and be confident with what to do with it when the need arises.

  6. John Lawson

    Jackie, I stumbled upon your youtube videos and my kids and I watched them for education and entertainment – I applaud you for your beautiful spirit. What a gift from God. All the best, John

  7. Von

    I love the videos! You guys make prepping fun in addition to being educational and necessary. Keep up the excellent work!

  8. Tracy

    So cute!! Lol! I can’t wait for the hand wheat grinding video. Thanks for all your hard work and great material!

  9. rodger

    Looking forward to the hand grinder video.If possible can you recommend in the video where to get one.Love this tool.

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