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How stockupfood works

Watch a video

Stockupfood helps you find out how much food storage you need and easily keeps track of what you have. Watch this short video and see for yourself how stockupfood makes managing your food storage simple, fun, and easy!


Enter your family size and we do the rest. We show you the vital food storage you need for the number of people in your household and give you the tools to keep track of it.

Set a goal

What's the best way to build up your food storage? One can at a time. With stockupfood you can set a goal and measure your progress. Whether it's 1 month or 6 you can adjust it at your pace. You will be surprised how quickly your supply builds.

Keep track

Quickly add or remove amounts of food as you go through your supply. Your progress will be updated so you can always keep track on where you are at.


As you build up your supply, you will also build up your rank! See if you can master the 10 levels and beat your friends to the top.


Sign up for the recommended account and add your own categories and foods. As you add your own foods we calculate how much of them you need based on your monthly consumption, family size and goal!

Emergency and other supplies

In addition to food storage, a common question people have is "What emergency supplies does my family need to be prepared?" With the recommended account you get to know what emergency supplies you need and keep track of what you have, just like with the food storage!