Build up your food storage by copy canning!

What’s the easiest way to build up your food storage? One can at a time by copy canning!

If you are just beginning the food storage adventure, here are three helpful hints to get you started!

  1. Make a menu of meals for the week. Include the meals that you eat most often for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner…. and don’t forget desert!
  2. Now make a shopping list based off this menu.
  3. After looking over your shopping list choose an item that you can buy multiples of easily – or inexpensively if it’s been a tight month. (ex. a can of cream of chicken soup, or 10.) This method of buying multiple cans at once is called copy canning.

Copy canning is an effective way to build your food storage on a budget. Think about it, these days a can of soup costs as much as a candy bar. So what am I saying? I’ll just say it, lay off the candy bar, buy the soup!

Download this helpful grocery list and weekly menu planner which includes a week where you can list your meals, along with a list to write your groceries down! The picture below shows what it looks like.

A menu and grocery list print out.

Get organized and save money by planning a weekly menu!

Do you have ideas for building food storage on a budget? Please comment below!


  1. katzcradul

    Great suggestions and I love the printable resource. When I see pictures of food storage rooms, most folks have stored plenty of brownie and cake mixes! I think dessert for most folks, is covered. I try to be sure to store the things I absolutely can’t grow, like pineapple, bananas, cranberries, coconut, cocoa, almonds, dates, etc. I don’t want to have to do without any of the foods I love, and am use to having on my shelves. Thanks.

    • Jason

      Such a great idea to store those items! I agree, we have dessert pretty well covered. Storing those items that you can’t grow is such a good idea.

  2. mamagilfner

    Lol – lay off the candy bar and buy a can of soup. Thanks for the article. I’ve decided that the stuff I can’t grow myself, I like the dehydrated/freeze dried stuff. It’s too bad it’s so expensive tho. People need to not forget the basics tho, otherwise they’re not going to be able to cook any variety of foods. They’ll be stuck with their rice and beans.

  3. Nancy @ Little Homestead in Boise

    Good, info but I noticed the typos too…

    desert is a dry arid place, dessert is food

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