The REAL man’s survival kit

What does a real man need for an emergency kit? I am not talking neosporin or hemorrhoid creme… but something that would make MacGuyver proud.


Most guys remember MacGuyver, that timeless figure who gave us inspiration through his man skills and envious well manicured mullet. I know there were countless times I would be in a room, wondering, “how could I get out of here with this paper clip and the circuit board from my iPhone? Very easily…”.

Once we able to disarm bombs with our pinky toe while blindfolded and under water, it was time for the next step. MacGuyver, Jason Bourne and Chuck Norris are all about preparation, and so are we. Here are the essentials you need to be prepared (and not to mention earn large amounts of street cred):

Lock pick set

Gas syphon

Slim jim

K-Bar knife

Hemorrhoid creme

Multi-purpose tool

Oxygen mask

Potassium iodine

Tactical pen

Sweet bag to put it all in




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