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  1. New Feature: Edit names and amounts!

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    The most requested feature is live! Edit category and food names and change the have and need amounts on the fly!

    Easily update categories, food/supply names and amounts! Just click, edit, and save!

    This has been the most requested feature over the past year! Since this is customization, it only works for those with the Recommended version.


  2. Stockupfood was live on the radio!

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    We were recently featured on the Prepper Broadcasting Network’s Homestead Honey Hour to talk about stockupfood and take your live calls and questions! Click the play button below to check it out!

  3. New feature: Print your food storage!


    We added a highly requested feature, printing! Now you can print your food storage or emergency supplies to take it shopping or file away for your records.

    Print food storage feature highlighted

    When you print from most websites, it prints the entire page along with unnecessary graphics that distract from what you really need. On stockupfood, when you click print food storage, it generates a customized page with only the essentials: your inventory, progress, and goal. It also shows you the date so you know how up to date you are.

    Print Food Storage Supply Screen Shot

    With your newly printed page you can take it grocery shopping to get your food storage supply built up or file it away for your records.

    We would love your feedback to make our site even better. Join the conversation and post your comments below!

  4. New feature: Food storage resources!

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    A new food storage resources page has been added to the website which has videos and downloadable resources! Watch this video to see where it is!

    Now you can find the food storage videos we put out along with the downloadable resources all in one place! We will be adding to this list constantly so be sure to check back often!

    We would love your feedback on what kind of food storage or survival videos you would like to see! Post your ideas in the comments below.

  5. New version of stockupfood is live!


    Screen shot showing the new amounts on the dashboard

    We launched the new version of stockupfood. What does this mean for you?

    Three years ago, was born from a simple need. I wanted to know how much food storage my family would need in an emergency but I had no idea where to start. The resources out there were insufficient so I decided to create a website where it would calculate what I needed based on a goal that I could change as I started to work my way up to a year supply.

    After launching the website to the public I discovered that other people are in the same position I was in. After getting valuable feedback from users for the past few years, I decided to launch a new version to offer even more functionality. A little over a year ago I started coming up with ideas on what the new website should be and function like. It all started with my Moleskine sketchbook.

    journal used to sketch stockupfood

    I wanted to make it a fun, clean, and easy to use. I started sketching ideas and concepts to make the experience enjoyable.

    Sketch of the preparedness dashboard

    Sketch of the home page

    Every once in a while when I was working on the website, my son would come in and visit. He would ask if he could draw in my “special journal” while he sat next to me. Before I knew it, many pages were filled with creative drawing and each one makes me smile.

    My son's drawings in my sketchbook

    After many hours of design and development, stockupfood is here! A new complete redesign with the most requested features from over the past three years! I received a handful of donations over the past three years but it wasn’t near what it takes to host the website. I have decided to still offer the same functionality for free as the old version, but offer the full customization for $3/month but free once you reach and maintain a year supply.

    People thought I was crazy for offering it that low of a price and giving it away for free after they reach a year supply but my goal is to help people get prepared and still cover the expenses of the website.

    This has been a really fun journey and I hope you find the new version as fun to use as it was to build it. What are your thoughts about stockupfood? How do you like the new look and feel?

  6. Sneak peek… stockupfood 2.0

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    We are about to release stockupfood 2.0! For now, here is a sneak peek of one of the cartoons on the home page!

    We have been super busy working out the details to make stockupfood even better. Part of that will be new, updated blog articles about food storage every month, instructional videos, and a new and improved website! We have had a few people test the website and each has given very positive feedback.

    We are just working on some final tweaks and hope to have it out in the next 3 months. We will keep you posted!!

    For now, check us out on facebook and twitter.

  7. Exciting growth!

    2 Comments has been visited by people from all over the world. So far, I have had the most hits from the United States, but have also recieved quite a response from the following places:

    • Hong Kong
    • United Kingdom
    • Peru
    • Mexico
    • Afganistan
    • Singapore
    • New Zealand

    and more!

    It is always exciting to see this type of growth, but all the more fulfilling knowing that people all over the world are able to benefit from this site. With your comments, suggestions, and support, we can make this site even better! Thank you for your kind feedback, suggestions and donations! Lets make this site the best it can be, together!

  8. User spotlight


    I recieved the most kind e-mail from a user that I would like to share. This captures the very essence of why this site has been created:

    “Oh wow — your website is a gift. Many Many Thanks for sharing this with ‘us’. I’m not LDS, but, after everything that has been going on lately I’ve come to realize how very right you folks are about this food storage thing. (I guess as far as food/water/supplies storage goes, I’m a true believer. ;o) For the past couple of days I’ve been researching food and storage and getting my ducks in a row. I’m getting the hang of it, but your site is the best thing I’ve found!!! It clarifies the system in a fantastic straight forward way. I love the interactive aspect too. I’m thrilled. Thank you thank you thank you.

    God Bless Us All!!!!

    My Very Best,


  9. Post your suggestions!! This is an evolving site and can be custom for you!


    I have received amazing feedback from people all over the world on how to make this site even better. I am looking for new ways to improve this site’s usability.

    PLEASE, if you have a suggestion, post a comment in reply to this blog post below. So far I have received the following requests and will plan on finding the best way to implement them in the future…

    1. Have recipes appear as you start building up your food storage.
    2. Ability to add your own custom food items such as other can goods not displayed.
    3. Ability to toggle between the U.S. measurement system and the metric system.
    4. Add an additional email address during registration for a spouse.
    5. Ability to print off your current food supply.
    6. Ability to print off a blank sheet to be able to write down what you have then enter it into the computer.

    Post your suggestions by adding a comment below!

  10. 1.0 officially launched!

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    My wife and I thought it was about time to build up our food storage supply but we just didn’t know where to start. I looked around online for food storage calculators, but none of them really fit our needs. That is when I had the idea to build a free food storage calculator that not only calculates your food, but also keeps track of it!

    After some long hours, I have finally finished the first launch of This has been an exciting and exhilirating experience! Just after two days of the site being up I have seen hits from as far as Austrailia, Norway and Germany. Once I launched the site I got a wonderful response from those who have started using it. I am going to make a new post of requested features and suggestions people have emailed or posted to me.

    Thank you for supporting this project. Post your ideas and suggestions! I would love to extend this site so it can be as useful to as many people as possible!