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  1. New feature: Print your food storage!


    We added a highly requested feature, printing! Now you can print your food storage or emergency supplies to take it shopping or file away for your records.

    Print food storage feature highlighted

    When you print from most websites, it prints the entire page along with unnecessary graphics that distract from what you really need. On stockupfood, when you click print food storage, it generates a customized page with only the essentials: your inventory, progress, and goal. It also shows you the date so you know how up to date you are.

    Print Food Storage Supply Screen Shot

    With your newly printed page you can take it grocery shopping to get your food storage supply built up or file it away for your records.

    We would love your feedback to make our site even better. Join the conversation and post your comments below!

  2. New feature: Food storage resources!

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    A new food storage resources page has been added to the website which has videos and downloadable resources! Watch this video to see where it is!

    Now you can find the food storage videos we put out along with the downloadable resources all in one place! We will be adding to this list constantly so be sure to check back often!

    We would love your feedback on what kind of food storage or survival videos you would like to see! Post your ideas in the comments below.

  3. Food Storage Calculator – How Stockupfood works

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    Watch this video to learn how to use stockupfood’s advanced food storage calculator to get your family prepared.

    Knowing what food storage you need to survive for an extended period of time can be a daunting task. I know when I first started learning about food storage I had no idea where to start! The goal with the advanced food storage calculator is to make it simple. You can quickly see how much food storage you need based on your family size and goal and keep track of what you have as you start building up your food storage. You can change your family size or goal at any time.

    Since launching the website, people have asked for an in depth review of the food storage calculator, and here it is! This video goes through the process of signing up, adding your family size and goal, adding and removing foods, creating your own categories and foods for customization, and how to use the supplies section.

    There are a lot of food storage calculators out there. Here is what some users are saying:
    “I was frustrated for so many years trying one food calculator after another. Most were these horrible spread sheet kind of things. This was a Godsend for me.”

    “I have tried a lot of different systems. I happened to stumble upon this website. I love it. It’s so simple.”

    “Your website is a gift. I have been researching food and storage and your site is the best thing I have found!!! It clarifies the system in a fantastic straight forward way. I love the interactive aspect too. I am thrilled. Thank you thank you thank you.”

    “I’ve added the recommended version and I’ll tell you, it is SO nice to have. I’ve added everything my family uses so it’s easy to keep track of what we need and what we already have.”

    We are constantly working to make this website the absolute best for our users as possible. Please let us know what experiences you are having as you start utilizing the food storage calculator. We want to make it as powerful as possible, while keeping it simple.

    If you haven’t already signed up for the food storage calculator, you can sign up here and get started on getting your family prepared.

    How has stockupfood’s advanced food storage calculator helped you? Please post your comments below, we would love to hear your thoughts!

  4. Garden design template to plan your garden!

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    Garden design sounds fancy – but it’s easy and fun and all starts with a plan.

    To help you get started we have put together this garden design template for you to print and plan your own garden!

    The way you use the template is simple. Make a list of all the plants you have purchased along with the number that you have.

    Plant list for garden plans

    Then use the garden layout grid to start placing where you would like your plants to go. There are three different garden sizes for you to use. One with a rectangular shape which is the most popular size for gardens and two squares if you use garden boxes. Fill in whichever template works best for you.

    Garden design picture for garden planning

    There are a couple things to keep in mind when planning your garden design:


    Some plants need more or less sunlight than others. When designing your garden be sure to account for the shade of trees or other objects that will affect the growth of your plants.


    Various plants require more spacing than others. Here are some common garden plants and the recommended spacing between plants in each row*:

    Asparagus – 18 in
    Beans bush, snap 3 to 6 in
    Pole, snap 4 to 12 in
    Bush, lima 3 to 6 in
    Pole, lima 4 to 12 in
    Beets 2 in
    Chinese cabbage 12 in
    Cabbage 18 in
    Carrots 2 to 3 in
    Collards 8 to 18 in
    Corn 12 in
    Cucumbers 12 to 18 in
    Lettuce, leaf 4 to 8 in
    Lettuce, head 12 in
    Mustard 2 in
    Okra 12 to 18 in
    Onions 3 to 4 in
    Parsley 4 to 6 in
    Peas, English 2 in
    Peas, field 4 to 6 in
    Pepper 2 ft
    Potato, Irish 12 in
    Potato, sweet 12 in
    Radish 2 in
    Spinach 4 in
    Squash 36 in
    Tendergreens 2 in
    Tomatoes 18 to 36 in
    Watermelon 4 ft to 6 ft

    Here is an example of what the garden design template looks like:

    Try out your own garden design

    How do you plan your garden? Is this template helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

    Opening photo by: thelocalpeople
    *Spacing recommendation source: How to plant a garden

  5. Frozen Food Frenzie for Fatigued Families!



    You have to make dinner anyway…. why not just make a whole lot of it?

    Let’s face it, sometimes you don’t feel like cooking and when those times come its a life saver to know there’s a back up. When energy is low and sanity is in question, a little preparation can go a LONG way.

    Spreading tomato sauce

    The way to prepare is easy. Double your dinner recipe! Use our weekly menu/grocery list to plan your menu for the week. As you look over your meals just choose one or two that you can double! Make half for your family to eat that night, then freeze the rest in a ziplock freezer bag. Your food will be good for about 2 months in a regular freezer and about 6 months in a deep freeze!

    Spreading cheese on lasagna

    There is nothing better than being able to pull a home cooked meal out of the freezer and throw it in the oven on a moments notice! You know, like on those days when you don’t know what to cook, how to cook it, why you even cook at ALL, and EvErYoNe is saying “Mom, I’m hungry!!!”… to which you respond, “Knock it off, Napoleon! Make yourself a dang quesadilla!” (Napoleon Dynamite)

    This also works great in teams. A friend of mine is pregnant while juggling her 5 kids (which includes her husband). Many times she just doesn’t have the energy to cook by the time dinner rolls around. She called recently and wants to get together every couple of weeks and make a bunch of meals we can freeze. She doesn’t feel good, is tired, and wants some dag-gone sympathy. Now, while she is dealing with screaming kids, morning sickness, home work and goats on the loose in the back yard (no joke), when her husband comes home from work and asks, “Whats for dinner, Woman?” she not only has a nice meal to pull out of the freezer, but a hard object to chuck at his head!

    So team up! You don’t have to do this alone. There may be a friend, sister or neighbor that will shout for joy at the idea of making meals to freeze together! Food storage preparation isn’t just about having food and supplies around during a disaster. It’s also about being prepared for what ever life throws at us!

    Lasagna in ziplock bags

    A few ideas for easy dinners to make extras of are: Spaghetti, lasagna, casseroles, soups, mashed potatoes, rolls, barbequed chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, pancakes (for dinner? – you bet!)

    Do you have any ideas or recipes for frozen dinners? Post them in the comments below!

  6. Build up your food storage by copy canning!


    What’s the easiest way to build up your food storage? One can at a time by copy canning!

    If you are just beginning the food storage adventure, here are three helpful hints to get you started!

    1. Make a menu of meals for the week. Include the meals that you eat most often for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner…. and don’t forget desert!
    2. Now make a shopping list based off this menu.
    3. After looking over your shopping list choose an item that you can buy multiples of easily – or inexpensively if it’s been a tight month. (ex. a can of cream of chicken soup, or 10.) This method of buying multiple cans at once is called copy canning.

    Copy canning is an effective way to build your food storage on a budget. Think about it, these days a can of soup costs as much as a candy bar. So what am I saying? I’ll just say it, lay off the candy bar, buy the soup!

    Download this helpful grocery list and weekly menu planner which includes a week where you can list your meals, along with a list to write your groceries down! The picture below shows what it looks like.

    A menu and grocery list print out.

    Get organized and save money by planning a weekly menu!

    Do you have ideas for building food storage on a budget? Please comment below!