The 5 survival items a family can’t live without

Do you have the 5 items absolutely essential for survival? Find out what one man who has 7 years of food storage has to say.

A few weeks ago I attended a food storage/survival seminar with a man who has 7 years of food storage (woah). This guy knows his stuff. After demonstrating some of his survival items, he opened up for questions.

It didn’t take long for the hands to fly up. After waiting for the right moment I shot my hand up with a question. “I know you have a 7 year supply, but what would you say to those starting up. What are the 5 most essential items for a family’s survival?”

He paused for a brief moment in reflection and responded, “These are the 5 most essential items to survive…”:

  1. Dutch oven
  2. Charcoal (Note: This is for cooking, not heating. Use in a well ventilated area as this can put out poisonous fumes.)
  3. Wheat grinder
  4. Propane
  5. Water filter

“Charcoal?” I asked. Others started to chime in, “Yeah, charcoal is key, I have a whole trash can full” one would say. Another, “Charcoal is black gold in an emergency”. They reiterated the fact that it must be stored in a well ventilated area and is not used for heating, only cooking.

There you have it. If you don’t have 7 years, or even 7 days of food storage, make sure you at least have those 5 items. Of course, the wheat grinder won’t do you any good without wheat… and… what about a can opener?


  1. Lindsey

    Thanks so much for this wonderful site! We’ve been trying to get a good grip on getting our food storage, and this is EXACTLY the help we’ve been looking for!

    As far as a wheat grinder goes, any thought on hand mill vs. electric mill?

    Thanks again!

  2. Sue

    Great recommendations.

    I would never be without my stash of heavy duty aluminum. I can cook almost anything if I have heave duty aluminum and no mess to clean up afterwards.

    We store lots of charcoal and dryer lint as the starter.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Janelle

    My question about this list is this: I can understand how the dutch oven, charcoal, wheat grinder and water filter can possibly be tied together. What do you do with the propane unless you include a lantern or heater or cook stove on the list? Also, how do you store it safely and for how long? We have 20 lb. canisters but were told we are only allowed to store 2 of them on our property (in town). We have a cook stove and a Mr. Buddy heater but because of the limits on amounts of propane we decided to get a kerosene heater and store kerosene. We’ve heard it is safer. Can anyone tell me for sure which is better? Guess that was more than one question. Thanks for your site. I, also, recommend your calculator to all those I know who are interested in food storage.

  4. Duddie

    What a great idea! I am going to give the
    freebie a spin to see how I like it – so far, I love it.

    Aunt Duddie

  5. Mike~

    Lindsey asked about grinders:

    I am going the route of hand powered. My thinking is that if it is bad enough for me to have resorted to my stash, what is there to say that I would even have power to run anything. There’s my two cents.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. carol

    A big thanks for your web site.I had all my food storage written down,but with your site it just seem to make it a lot easier to understand what I have and need..In times like we r facing it is sometimes very stressful just shopping for what you think you need.Heck i find I have 60 cans of gr.beens,,lol.just shows ya how u can slip up even when u do have your own list.I LOVE YOUR SITE. and will tell others about it.I hope u find a way to really advertize your site cua a lot of people dont know about it, and would sure benefit from it. It took a lot of STRESS off my mind after I finished doing my list,Now I can go get what I really need, ,,and it wont be more green beans, lol Thank you again for this great tool you have given us..spread the word,,,Blessings ps…i love the grain dance made me laugh and we all need a laugh right bout now

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